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Press Release: Comox Valley Record – July 18, 2016

Local author tackles time travel

Originally featured in the Comox Valley Record, July 18, 2016

TimeShift-Press-ReleaseComox Valley author Kris Trudeau explores the world of time travel and artificial intelligence in her debut novel, TimeShift.

This cross-genre page turner has been described as a “unique mix of wit, wonder and excitement,” with “lovable, robust characters, imaginative gadgets and unexpected twists,” that is “difficult to put down.”

While the novel touches on timely topics such as the perils of introducing artificially intelligent beings into society, as well as the consequences of a societal mentality that places innovation and discovery ahead of the ethical debate of its impact on the greater good, Trudeau explains that the novel is not a heavy read.

“I wanted to create a futuristic setting with captivating technology rather than developing an alternative reality that forces the reader to envision a completely different world. This opens the book up to action, drama and mystery lovers.”

While the book is rich in Trudeau’s vision of the future, it’s the main character, Owen Taylor, who keeps the futuristic elements easy to imagine with his present day perspective. Owen, in 2016, is recruited for a 185-day operation by a group of people from 2097, who are sent back in time to alter elements of the past so as to re-write history, saving 2097 from artificially intelligent robots rising up against their second-class role in society.

Response to the novel has exceeded Kris’s expectations.

“Readers are expressing a lot of excitement about the story and I often get asked when the movie is coming out,” she said.

“What thrills me most is many of these readers have never picked up a sci-fi novel prior to this. I’ve had several readers send me two or three emails raving about the book. The idea that my story has created this much entertainment for people has been extremely gratifying.”

The novel is available in both ebook and softcover on the official TimeShift website,, the Laughing Oyster Book Shop in Courtenay and the Collective Studio + Store in Cumberland.

Trudeau has donated several copies to the Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland libraries.

Join the growing number of TimeShift fans at the official book launch party on July 19, 7 p.m. at The Grotto, 477 5th Street, Courtenay. Hear Trudeau talk about the novel’s evolution and pick up a signed copy. Shift your summer into high gear with this hot new read, straight from the Comox Valley.

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