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Where I Found Inspiration for Settings

In the book, there are various settings that have been inspired by real locations. Here are some of those locations.

River Walk - WinnipegWinnipeg River Trail

This lovely riverside trail is one of Winnipeg’s downtown gems. This trail follows the Assiniboine River from the iconic, historic Forks (where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet; the hub of trade and living for over 6,000 years,) and ends not far past the Legislative buildings. Having lived in downtown Winnipeg for a couple years, I have traversed this trail many times.

While in this pic, the trail appears to be under construction, likely due to springtime flooding, a note that also made in the book, it is usually a gravel path.

This path was the inspiration for the scene where Riley and Owen are attacked by a gang of thugs. After leaving a restaurant, they are attacked by a gang of thugs as they meander down this path, returning to their hotel. As a proud Winnipegger, I must say that the inspiration from this scene ended at the scenery, not the attack. However, unless your Riley and you can kick anybody’s ass, care must always be taken whilst walking around any city at night.



Cliff Jumping

CliffjumpingatmylakeIn the book I reference a lakeside location where the teams luxuriate on their days off when the weather is nice. At this hangout, there is a tall cliff, off which many of the team members take turns jumping into the lake.

The inspiration for this scenery came from a location at Laclu Lake in Northwestern Ontario, on which my family has had a cabin for quite a few generations. This spot is a popular location for thrill seekers.

While I have only jumped off the six- or eight-foot ledge, (yes, yes, insert jibes and comments about chickens here,) my brother, seen here, frequently jumps off some of the highest points a person can do, without causing themselves bodily harm.




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